Friday, August 16, 2013

$SUN shareprice skyrockets! [Why? A Newbie Guide]

In my previous post, there is a speculation about the strategy of AGI companies, specifically, when Suntrust Home Developers (SUN) was left as a shell company, theoretically for a greater purpose. These speculations have come to life, and are continuing to do so when SUN has just announced that it's allowing existing shareholders to subscribe to 2.5x more  shares.

If you are a shell company, a company without asset, why would you want your shareholders to subscribe more? It means the owner is eyeing for a profitable venture and a backdoor is in place. Backdoor is a way for non-listed companies to be listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. This is done because listing from scratch or Initial Public Offering (IPO) is quite expensive to do compared to just acquiring a shell company that is already listed in the exchange.

Before the disclosure was announced, SUN was trading around 0.57-0.60. No one knew then when a backdoor will be in place, or if it will ever occur, so the share price of SUN went down. When the disclosure was announced that additional shares will cost P1.00 each, that's the signal that a backdoor will occur soon! SUN's share price skyrocketed.. immediately you will think that a SUN's stock price will be valued at least P1.00 so those who bought below P1.00 were fortunate. SUN's share price reached ceiling price immediately. The next day it also reached ceiling, and today it's still up but no one knows for sure how high it will go.

The disclosure states that only existing shareholders can buy additional 2.5 shares. This means if you own 10,000 SUN shares, you can buy 25,000 more shares at P1.00 on SRO. The fact only existing shareholders can buy more shares adds to the buying pressure, that's why SUN's price is going beyond P1.00. There's an increased demand to have shares of the company (EVEN IF WE DON'T KNOW WHAT ANDREW TAN IS PLANNING). We're just trading in good faith that Andrew Tan won't let us down, that it might be Emperador that will backdoor SUN. Some are just trading for the play of instant money, well I think most are.

I don't know how high SUN will go up. Today, it's kinda shaky: it's reaching ceiling but sometimes the price goes down also. If big players are playing SUN, or maybe there's just a big demand for it, then it can still go up beyond P1.90 (Today's ceiling is P1.90).

So who will the backdoor company be? My gut tells me it's Emperador. The SUN is up and everyone seems happy, but for how long? When SRO has an Ex-Date, the share price will probably go down the day before ex-date, similar to dividends' ex-date case.

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  1. Wow Manny, I read this post and it got me thinking. Then today, I read from the papers about Emperador and TSI.