Monday, March 25, 2013

A New Face to

The site is now online, this is to complement Pesobility blog ( with free tools, discussions and additional references for investing.

Currently the tools are now focused on the stock market, but additional tools for other types of investments are planned to be added later.

Some pages have comment sections for discussion.


Stock / Company Search
On the upper left of there is a search box. Just type in the symbol or the name of the listed company and a dropbox will appear, select the desired stock and it will take you to the stock information page.

Stock Information Page (WIP)
Example is the stock information page of SM. This page lists several information about the stock like the current price, previous close, 52-week high, and most importantly it contains the PE Ratio of several stocks that I compute. It also contains PE Ratio based from PSE but it's not very reliable.

Stock information page has a comment section for discussion.

More enhancements to come, including displaying the PE Ratio from Bloomberg which I believe is more reliable than PSE. Graphs for technical analysis is also a work in progress.

Stock Prices Page

This lists all the stocks, their current price and its movement (percentage) from its previous close.

Opportunity Buy and Sell Page

During the market pre-close where the PSE system is matching the last price for the day of each stock, Pesobility takes a snapshot of the stock prices then compare it with the prices at market run-off. Sometimes there are opportunities when the system matches are way below (or way higher) the snapshot price.

If the prices difference is significant from the snapshot, a "Run-off %" will be filled up. A negative "Run off %" is an opportunity to buy and a positive is an opportunity to sell.

PE Ratio by Industry Page (WIP)

Price to Earning (PE) ratio is a good fundamental indicator if a stock is overpriced or undervalued, however, it is more accurate if a stock's PE is compared with other stocks in the similar industry. The PE Ratio by Industry is a work-in-progress (WIP) page to list stocks according to its industry and display the PE Ratio of each stock.

Reference Pages

PSE Board Lot

PSE Trading Hours

Current Business News

Blue Chip Companies in the Philippines

Virtual Stocks Trading

You can buy and sell using virtual money on live market. Whether you want to hone your decision skills or you just want to see what happens in the future if you buy a certain stock now. This is a hassle-free way of learning trading in the stock market and testing your skills and research.

For now, the registration is still closed, but you may request by emailing me for a trial account. Upon approval, you will be given an account at and buy and sell stocks using virtual money.