Monday, June 10, 2013

Deadly Speculation on AGI companies $SUN $MEG $GERI $ELI

[See Aug 14, 2013 update at the end of this post]

Disclaimer: Speculation is the mother of all evil so act at your own risk. The statements below are purely speculative.

In quick summary: My speculation is Alliance Global Inc. (AGI) properties would be merged into one, the surviving entity will probably be Megaworld Corp. (MEG). Suntrust (SUN) will be left as a shell company for a more profitable venture (to be backdoored, Emperador? Travellers? Dunno).

AGI will hit two birds with one stone if it were to do this. SM already did it, merged its property units to SM Prime (SMPH), which will make SMPH larger than Ayala Land (ALI). To be competitive, AGI may need to do the same with its property units Global-Estate Resorts (GERI), Empire East (ELI) and Suntrust (SUN). In the merger, ELI and GERI will benefit from this (much like what happened to SMDC and HP). SUN already sold its property stake to MEG, which spurred speculations (SUN's share price up by 30%-40% today).

So why not just merge SUN with the others. It may mean AGI has bigger plans for SUN. There was a rumor before that Travellers International (Part owner of Resort's Word) will use SUN as a backdoor which lead to SUN's price to shoot up, but the rumor was silenced when AGI disclosed that Travellers Group filed for its IPO (means it won't use a backdoor listing).

Now, SUN is more or less a shell company when it sold its property stake to MEG. What is the purpose of this? Could be used as a backdoor for Emperador? Or maybe Travellers changed its mind? But in any case, the speculation is that it's highly probable, SUN will be used as a backdoor for another company.

[Update Aug 14, 2013] Seems the speculation above is coming to life. AGI announced property mergers, CHECK! SUN was left as a shell company, CHECK! And now, SUN just released a disclosure that allows existing shareholders to buy additional 2.5 shares at P1.0.

This clearly indicates a backdoor is brewing. Why? If you have a shell company, a company without assets, why would you conduct a stock rights offering. It means there is a motive to revive this shell company ito a profitable venture. The question, again, is who will it be? Emperador? Nobody knows yet since it's not included in the disclosure, which means more speculation and hype!

If you can buy SUN below P1.00 it MIGHT be a good buy, but I doubt you will be able to buy shares below P1.00 (if people know the value of their existing shares)

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