Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top Stock Picks this April 2013 [Philippines]

Some of my previous picks last March 2013 already appreciated significantly. Today, I give another list of stocks which I believe have great potential.

First a disclaimer: What I'll write below is just my personal opinion. The state of market right now is very unpredictable, plus May is just around the corner (there is a saying "Sell in May and walk away!") so take these recommendations with utmost caution and analysts say we're still due for a major correction, but nobody knows for sure what will happen, so might as well put some of my money in my picks:

Century Properties already released its financials and at P2.04 per share, its P/E is at 10.7. I believe the stock is undervalued and may reward greatly if you hold it long term. The company is expected to earn P3B by 2015. I believe CPG is one of the "rising companies" of the Philippines.

If you can get this below P6.4 per share then I believe it's a good deal. Its sell down due to Bacman problem may be overly done, and at a technical point of view, the upside is great. But personally, I don't like the management of EDC, FGEN, LPZ and related companies... if you know what I mean.

Among the blue chips / companies in the PSE index, Aboitiz Equity Ventures has one of the lowest P/E of 12.5 at its current price of 54.3. One thing to note with Aboitiz companies is they are not very popular, I think they should do more PR and commercials for people to notice and invest in them.

Vista Land released its financials and its P/E is very low which means it's a very good deal. Warning though: This April, VLL's stock price already increased from P5.4 to P6.07 but even at P6.07 the P/E is 11.8, still relatively low so there's still opportunity to buy.

My strategy in this kind of market (very unpredictable) is to have 50% cash, and the other 50% I do averaging on my picks. E.g. buy 10% of my picks now, then if the price goes down significantly buy another 10% and so on. Maybe I'll allocate if stock prices go down in May or if there's a big correction.

I just hold what I have 'til maybe end of the year or next.


  1. Hi Manny, what are your references in your recommended stocks? :)

  2. Hi! Their financial statements. I simply go to their corporate disclosures and read their annual report and compute their P/E ratio. Low P/E ratio and strong growth are the factors I use in determining the recommendations. :)

  3. I see. So you're really into researching pala talaga. Grabe yun ha, daming companies. Anyway, thanks for the info. :)

  4. You're welcome. Actually kung tutuusin napaka unti pa ng companies dito sa Pilipinas compared sa ibang bansa, say U.S.

    Mas trip ko fundamental analysis, pero natututo narin ako ng unting technical analysis at ok sila ipag combine.

  5. Thank you for the info Mr. Manny. May the stocks be profitable. I want to learn fundamental analysis and now i quite know.