Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to top-up your investment in FAMI using Metrobank Direct

If you already have a Metrobank Direct account, it's never easier to add more money in your FAMI investments (SALEF, SALFIF, SALBF, SALMF):

This tutorial assumes you already have your FAMI and Metrobank Direct accounts, if you don't have it yet, please enroll first.

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Steps to top-up any FAMI investment:

1. Login to your Metrobank Direct Account.

2. Go to "Pay Bills" Section

3. Select "First Metro Save & Learn ..." of your choice

4. Enter your Account No and left-pad it with zeroes to make it an 8 digit number. E.g. if your account number is 12345, you should put 00012345 in the Account No.

5. Enter the same number in the Reference No. field.

6. Input your phone number where you can be contacted should there be issues encountered.

7. Enter the amount of money you want to add to your investment. Minimum of P1000 is required.

8. Click the Continue button.

9. Review the summary and confirm your action.

That's it! Wait a few days to get your confirmation receipt.

Note that if you're already enrolled to one of the FAMI investment products e.g. Save and Learn Fixed-Income fund, you can add to any product of your choice (SALEF, SALFIF, SALBF, SALMF)

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