Monday, July 29, 2013

List of Preferred Stocks and other stocks by Sector

This is a feature request from a Pesobility visitor.

Rudyard said:

Can you please post on your blog the updated or latest list of PSE prefered stocks shares, e.g. Petron prefered or Ayala prefered shares or stocks. It will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for the email Rudyard, it was actually a feature that was planned to be incorporated to Pesobility website, I just didn't have the time to do it. But now, I'm pleased to inform you and the rest of Pesobility visitors that it is now available here:

Not only that but you can also select and group then according to different sectors as well:
Bank | Casino and Gaming | Chemical and Industrial | Construction | Consumer | Education | Holding Company | Hotel and Leisure | Information Technology | Media | Mining and Oil | Power and Water | Preferred | Property | Retail | Other Financial Institution | Other Services

You can also now search this and all of the content through the search box found on the upper left portion of Pesobility website.

I hope you and other people find this useful, because I myself do.

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