Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DNL IPO on December 12

People who do stocks are all-eyes on D&L Industries, Inc. (Symbol: DNL) tomorrow, which will commence its initial public offering (IPO). Almost always, IPO's are hyped probably because it doesn't happen always, although this year there were already several companies who IPO'ed prior to DNL: GT Cap, East West Bank, Coal Asia, and Yehey (Although technically, YEHEY listed by way of introduction and is not considered IPO).

If there's hype, there's demand. DNL will be priced at P4.30 when it opens tomorrow, December 12, 2012. I read that it's over-subscribed; it means there's a strong demand. I didn't compute the P/E on my own but I read it's around 13.35. If it's true, the price is about average but on the lower end because P/E's are usually 16-17, but it should be compared with PE's of companies in the same industry.

I haven't participated in any IPO's yet, but I have already observed two. It's always hyped, and it usually goes up in the first day of trading, maybe even a few days after, then tumbles down after. DNL is a big company. It manufactures food additives and supplies large restaurants including Jollibee and Max's. This alone can attract attention and boost the hype.

For those who didn't have the chance to subscribe to IPO price, maybe you can buy tomorrow if the demand is good. But as with any IPO, I wouldn't advise you to hold it for too long until track record is proven, who knows, DNL can even be a blue chip someday.

And to add even more to the hype, DNL even have a countdown timer in its website:

Note: this is just an image and it is not working

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