Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another All-Time High for PSE, passing beyond the 5,800 mark

In my previous post, I said that a healthy correction happened yesterday. A correction or retracement or reversal describes when the market goes down after it has gone up for a period of time.  It seems like a good retracement indeed, the Philippine Stock Market index today breached the 5,800 mark.

Even foreign investors are putting money in the Philippines except for Nomura. Though he's right in saying that the stock prices are becoming expensive, I believe the options are not yet exhausted though. There are still undervalued blue chips in the market. Probably a good time to invest in these because investors are now eyeing them.

For the month of December, my fearless forecast is it will continue to go up probably up to 5900+ by end of the year. Though I find it worrisome that the stock market is rising up too fast. Come January, we may see some large corrections until the market can breathe again.

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