Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PSE reaches a new all-time high

For the first time, the Philippine stock market advanced beyond 5600 points. Exciting times! I wonder how long will this growth be sustained. Still need to be vigilant on the looming US fiscal cliff issue and EU's never-ending financial problem.

Seems our economy is booming. Philippine economy grew by 7.1%, beyond the 5.5% expectation and GDP is up 6.5%, already beyond the government's target of 5-6% by year-end. The Philippines was recently  included in the Newly Industrialized Country (NIC) category, which is a term for a country that is beyond a developing one but does not yet satisfy the signs of a developed country; it's like a 2nd-world country lol. So far, inflation is under control at 3.1% last October. These are good signs; more reasons to invest and believe in our country!

I'm happy today because two of my stocks are on the positive side: Manila Water (MWC) and SM Prime Holdings (SMPH). The golden question is when should I sell to realize my profit?

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