Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Date a guy who invests in the Philippine market

I've been reading a blog trend with the topic "Date a girl who.." so I decided to write a slightly similar version.

Date a guy who invests in the Philippine market
Date a guy who has a passion for investing; a guy with goals, targets and a direction in life. He's a decision maker,  he knows what he wants in life and if he wants you, he wants you for good.

Date a guy who appreciates the value of money. He won't always have the latest gadgets nor constantly treat you in a fancy restaurant, but he dreams of bigger things for the both of you. He plans to give you your dream home where you and your future family will be more than comfortable. When he sees you having a hard time walking when you're in your heels or gets frustrated going to a certain place especially during rainy nights, he'll save and invest for a car for the both of you.

He might not be very good with fashion, but he will be more than happy to take advice from you as long as the price of clothes is within the budget. He knows that the finer things in life need money and he wants to give them to you. He'll be busy making money grow instead of flirting with other girls.

Date a guy who invests in the long term. He understands the bigger picture of your relationship. He knows that there may be bad times, but in the long run you'll still be happy together. He will trust and love you and won't be affected much by jealousy; ok, maybe just a little, but it's just for making lambing :)

Date a guy who observes the current inflation rate. He cares about what's happening the Philippines, a concerned citizen, a patriot if you may. If you want to start a business or a new idea, you can talk to him about it. He enjoys mature topics. Oh, he'll definitely get along well with your parents.

Date a guy who invests in the stock market. He's exciting and interesting. He enjoys thrills and won't bore you. At the same time, he's prepared during a calamity. He'll be able to cope and think of the next step to do instead of just waiting. Madiskarte. He's flexible because he knows things don't always go as planned.  It may not look like it, but he's not hard to please. He appreciates the little things and takes joy in them because he knows that they build up to something great.

Don't be afraid to voice your opinions to him, he values them greatly and takes them into consideration. He's very understanding and patient which he acquired from his experience in investing. At times that you come late on your dates, he won't be mad at you. If the both of you were supposed to go out this weekend but you're suddenly unavailable, he'll understand, with the right reasons, of course.

A guy who invests is a rare breed. If you see one, capture his heart and see him invest in you and make your love grow more than double. Now that's a good ROI (Return of Investment)!


  1. Nice one, Sir Manny! :) I read a similar post for "Date a girl who trades in the stock market." LOL. God bless and may the right girl find the likes of you. Keep posting! :)

    1. Thank you Lyn Lyn for reading my post and taking time to comment. You're the first one to comment in this startup blog. Happy investing! :)

  2. Like! It's funny coz I am dating a guy who invests and he is teaching me bit by bit. :)

  3. This post made me smile. Keep up sharing man :)