Saturday, September 14, 2013

My stock picks this September 2013 [Philippines]

CPG (Century Properties) if below P1.40 since it's still undervalued (7+ P/E), even below P1.50 I'd still consider it value-investing. This remains my "Warren Buffet Stock". Hold for 1-2 years unless there's a crisis.

In the property sector BEL (Belle Corp.) may also be worth mentioning as their profit may jump. They should already be earning from the lease of Melco's casino and they'll probably earn more when the casino starts operating. 

COSCO  if below P10. This is a medium risk stock since it's relatively new but with the management and the direction they are heading, I believe it will be a great holding company one day; in the likes of SM if done right. But there's a long way to go. 

OV (Philodrill) - Placing a relatively small allotment. Higher risk since oil explorations can go either way, however, their direction in reaching 2B profit in 2-3 years time may be in place since they already started drilling in Galoc field to double production. 2B net profit means a P/E of 4+ at  the current price of P0.039.

AP (Aboitiz Power) - below P35. I bet on power generation in the next 3-5 years especially that Mindanao is under-supplied. AP also gives good cash dividends (4-5%), so I'll just continue to invest in it on a quarterly basis as an alternative to bonds. I'm okay with the price not moving too much because of the cash div.

[Update 9/19/2013] Please disregard my AP recommendation. I might have missed something here. Seems Aboitiz Power has big foreign debt which means they are very vulnerable to Peso depreciation which is happening now and might probably continue to happen (calculated guess) in the long term. Aside from this however, AP is a good company, but their vulnerability to forex changes (as well as other companies with big $ debt) means their profits will be very volatile.

Note the above is under the assumption that there are no crisis. Global stock market is unstable due to US, China, India/Asia. Watch out for international news that can affect our market, like US Fed tapering. And as always, the sell strategy is not disclosed here because it depends on your personality and risk appetite. So plan a good sell strategy so you won't get left behind.

Good luck and happy investing!


  1. Hi, maraming salamat po. Malaking tulong po talaga eto.

  2. Thank you, I appreciate it :) I hope you bought CPG before it went up ;)

  3. Updated. Removed AP from recommendation, please check the post again.

  4. Yes, naka bili po ako since my confidence for CPG eh tumaas talaga ng todo since I really trust :-), Maraming salamat po. Ngayun, accumulating FGEN nanaman po. Hope its a good buy.

    Thanks po.