Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Top Stock Pick(s) for May 2013 [Philippines]

The main stock I picked in my last entry, which is CPG, has already increased in value. For those who are looking for new opportunities, below may be worth noting.


At 21.95, First Gen Corporation's PE is 9.8. Like in my previous entry, I personally don't like Lopez companies, but at the moment, it may be an opportunity that's too good to pass. If you buy it below 22.6, it may be a good deal.

Among LPZ, FGEN and EDC, FGEN may be the best bet for now. For the companies I researched in the month of May, only FGEN stood among the rest.

Disclaimer: Before buying or taking any recommendations, please do your own research. You should be convinced with the stock you'll be buying. Above recommendations are my personal opinion only.

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