Friday, January 11, 2013

Link FAMI and First Metro Account for Online Monitoring

If you put money in your FAMI mutual funds on a monthly basis like I do, it will become harder to monitor them. I was wrong to think that the monitoring can be done in Metrobank Direct. This system of Metrobank is not user-friendly, I know investment is a separate entity from the bank, but from a normal person's point of view, they're all Metrobank!

Personally, I keep a spreadsheet of my funds where I record each time I receive the acknowledgement receipt how many shares I've bought and at what cost, then I input formula to automate the computations. It's a fun exercise actually, but it's also quite convenient to have an online monitoring for my FAMI account.

Good news is if you opened a stock trading in account in First Metro securities (FMSBC), you can also monitor your FAMI Mutual funds there. I have a Save and Learn Equity Fund (SALEF) and Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund (SALFIF).

Instructions in Linking your FAMI and First Metro Account:

1. Login to your First Metro Sec account. Go to Forms and click "Link FAMI Account to FirstMetroSec".  You can also directly download the form here for convenience.

After you have downloaded the form, you then print it and and fill it up.

To get your FAMI Account Code, look at one of your FAMI acknowledgement receipts. It is placed at the upper right corner with the label "Acct. Code".

To get your FMSBC Account Code, login in First Metro Sec website. Click "My Profile" and find your Account Code there, mine has a pattern like this: OTAXXXX.

2. You can either Email a scanned copy or fax it. Personally, it's more convenient for me to use email.

Email the scanned copy to CC


Fax it to FAMI 816-0467 copy FMSBC 859-0699

That's it. Wait for a few business days and you'll see your FAMI accounts in your FMSBC online account. You can check the "FAMI" link in your First Metro Sec account after a day or two to see if your account has been linked.


  1. How much did you invest? I also want to invest in Fami. But dont have enough knowledge bout it. Is it safe. Tnx

  2. Hi,
    I had stumble in your blog when i browse some other finance blogs. I have a question: what formula did you use to automate the computations of your FAMI shares? I have a FAMI SALEF and was not able to monitor it yet or link it to First Metro Sec. I would like to just monitor it in a spreadsheet just like what you did.
    Thank You, your reply will be much appreciated :)


  3. Hi Angelie,

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and thank you for your question, I made a new entry for a sample computation. I used SALFIF though, but it should be the same. Check the blog entry here.

  4. Wow thank you for writing this today Manny :)

    I will be following you blog from now on!